Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tips / Exercises on loosing Muffin Top / Love Handles

Do you detest that stubborn roll of fat squeezing out above your skinny jeans? Unfortunately for many women there’s a problem that refuses to budge. Dealing with stubborn fat around you waist that results in what is commonly referred to as a “muffin top” begins with understanding the underlying causes, like the hormones responsible for it. Attack your muffin top with a focused plan from experts:

The key to controlling your belly fat lies in reigning in your cortisol (stress hormone) and insulin levels. Here are some tips to control both:

Get enough sleep- Lack of sleep is a surefire way to up your stress hormones and increase your cravings for sugary, sweet and indulgent comfort foods apart from inducing midnight binges.

Low carb, high protein meals: Limit your intake of  carbs to 1/3rd of your overall meal. Lower intake of starchy foods help reduce insulin spikes in the body which helps your torch belly fat. You can experiment and find the right balance for your body instead of giving up completely on carbs.

Eat mini meals- You should eat mini meals every 3-4 hours to control your stress hormone and keep your body from plunging into the starvation mode after which it tends to store body fat. Similarly, make sure to eat breakfast so that your body doesn’t start off on the energy conservation mode.

Intensify your workouts- Short bursts of intense training sessions increase your lean and muscle building hormones in the long run so make sure your workouts includes bursts of high intensity interval trainings. This will much more useful than moderate-intensity lengthy workouts.

Get out of the hormonal loophole- Eat high fiber food to break out of the hormone cycle that keeps taking you back for more. Food that is low in fiber gets digested quickly, introducing a surge in insulin that in turn dips your blood sugar and makes you crave for a carb fix to reinstate the level. Veggies and whole grains delay the digestion process, keeping you full longer and helping you break out of this cycle.

Following these tips will definitely help you torch away the muffin tops.

Here are some muffin top blasting exercise you must add to your work out routine!!

spidker pushups How to get a flat Tummy

Turkish Plank Push


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