Monday, October 1, 2012

Change Up Your Boring Workout/Exercise Routine To Maximize Results

It is very easy to fall into a ‘routine’ or even a ‘rut’ when it comes to exercise, going on auto pilot and finding a comfortable workout routine that we do time and time again.  Although you could argue that getting repetitive exercise in is better than doing nothing, you might be doing yourself a disservice.  Why?  Your body is smart.  If you make it do something repetitively, over time it will get used to it and become so good at it that you don’t have to work very hard anymore.

When it comes to exercise, the idea is to challenge your body…to make it stronger…to keep it on its toes. You've probably seen people who make great strides at the beginning of an exercise program and then hit a point where they can’t progress anymore.  This happens because once your body gets used to an exercise, it starts to not respond as much and your results (i.e., fat loss, increased muscle tone, etc.) start to slow down and maybe even stop.  This is called ‘hitting a plateau’.  How do you overcome this?  Variation!  And from a mental perspective, variation will keep you from getting (BONUS) bored!!!

Front Squat With Front Raise

Spider Jump
Touchdown ATouchdown B

Pikes With Stability Ball

Lateral  Lunge With Overhead Tricep Extension   

Rock and Roll Plank

Wall Scissor: (tones butt, backs of thighs)

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