Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reward System To Help You Stay Motivated!! You CAN Reach Your Goals!!

Joining a gym is easy. Sometimes, too easy as the promises made by the gym salespeople turn into visions of a newly-svelte you minus all the hard work in between. Often, after signing on that dotted line and committing yourself to a contract for a set amount of time, there comes a sudden realization that you have made an actual commitment and that even if you don't honor it by turning up, your wallet will still be actively contributing. Rather than grimacing every time you catch sight of your gym membership card, own up to your commitment and stay motivated about turning up regularly and achieving what you originally dreamed you'd do.

This is a really cool way to visually see your goals and progress!
-Set up a mini-challenge with friends. Track weight-loss, total minutes on the treadmill, nights making dinner at home– whatever healthy-lifestyle metric you choose.  At the end of the contest period, the winner treats the others to a mani-pedi or other (non-food!) reward

- Remember, rewards don’t have to be monetary!  Get your family and friends on board to create free rewards like an “afternoon off” from the kids or special outing.

-One of my clients rewards were pound related. 5 lbs...... new work out shoes 10lbs...... "Queen" for the day! Her husband did everything she requested! (I personally love that idea!! Bring on breakfast in bed, I would also do it on toilet cleaning day!! :D ) 20lbs..a spa day (massage, mani & pedi, facial) 

-A "fitness jar" and every time you complete a workout, you put $1.00 in the jar. Then you could spend it when you hit a certain weight goal. You could also spend it when you have an up coming trip. If you are trying to lose weight for spring break/,honeymoon or a cruise. That money could buy some awesome souvenirs or a banging new swim suit for your hot new figure!

Your old favorite jeans have probably been hidden
 in the back of the closet for too long!!
-Jeans..... wanting to fit in a "favorite" pair or size. I would find those favorite pair or size and hang them where you see them every day. I would also hang the size you are in now. It is a great reminder of where you are and where you want to be. I also encourage people to start throwing big clothes away. No one like having "nothing" to wear. The more you loose, the more clothing options you will have!

- Treat yourself to a personal trainer once a week. If you stick to your plan of x amount of times a week for x amount of months. You will start working with a trainer. Which will only help hold you accountable to achieve your goals. I have quite a few clients I see once a week on usually Monday or Friday. Those days are best because then it will either start their week off right or they know they have someone to report to at end of week. Plus if  you have a good trainer they will look at all aspects of your life and find ways to tweak simple things that can help you be successful! (like sitting on a stability ball at work instead of a chair, bouncing on a ball all day is going to help burn calories all day without you even noticing!) 

How do you stay motivated? What are rewards you have used!?!? Comment below I'd love to hear your input and it can help someone else! 

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