Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IGallop BadAss or Bad!?!?


 The IGallop has apparently been out for at least a few years and has been featured on TV shows like The View and Ellen. (As an aside: I greatly admires Ellen Degeneres, but not being a daytime TV watcher I only gets to see her on award shows and American Express commercials. I did some searching and found a clip of Ellen IGalloping, & most certainly had to share it)


The whole IGallop concept was a brand new one for me and I was quite intrigued. Despite having no actual experience with it, having done no research, and not even having seen a video of it in motion, I naturally felt that I must rush out and express some opinions about it.

So I found I have two opinions. The first:

It's Ridiculous and Silly!

One is supposed to use this to work core muscles like the abdominals and other ones  you didn't even know you have. But because it does the moving, your job is just to stay on and ride. You can do it while you watch TV! It used to cost $600, but apparently they weren't "galloping" off the shelves, because now they're down to $350.

Am I the only one with a Dirty Mind? Because depending on what the surface of the seat is like, friction-wise, and how bouncy the ride is, I wonders if certain users might be aiming for a whole different sort of Peak Performance. Perhaps they wouldn't have had to mark it down if they'd renamed it the O-Gallop?(Get It!?!?)

"Mommy? Mommy? How come you always lock the door to the TV room whenever you're exercising?"

Okay, so maybe not. But even if it doesn't supply that kind of wild ride, I would suggest drawing the curtains. When seen by a passer-by from the waist up, an IGallop exercise routine could look, well, like a lot more fun than it probably is.

So what's my second opinion?

It actually looks kind of fun, doesn't it? I would love to build strong core muscles while watching TV. And I have never gotten the chance to get drunk and jump on one of those mechanical bulls at a cowboy bar, so I still have illusions that it would be a kick to have an exercise gadget that's actually a ride. If it ever gets down to a hundred bucks or so... who knows? Anything could happen!

Can you really get a decent abdominal work out from it? Is it entertaining?

Or if, like me, you have no experience with the beast, would you be the least bit tempted by something this ludicrous?


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