Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dumbbells For DUMMIES.........

Use proper technique. Always warm up thoroughly before beginning any strength training by walking or jogging slowly for at least 10 minutes. When you are ready to begin, be sure your body is aligned properly. Your back should be straight. Never hold your breath when lifting weights. Exhale when you are exerting the most force against the weight, is known as the sticking point, according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association. It is also known as the concentric part of muscular contraction, when the muscle is shortening against the object you are trying to lift. During this phase of a lift you want to exhale through the exertion. Stay focused and in control of the weights at all times with slow and controlled movements.

Choose appropriate weights. When selecting a dumbbell size, choose one that will feel challenging but not too strenuous. The goal is to do three sets with 8 to 12 repetitions each. The last few repetitions should feel difficult. If they feel too easy, choose a heavier weight. If you cannot do 6 repetitions, choose a lighter weight. As your fitness and strength increase, be sure to use heavier weights to challenge your body continually.

Scaption and Shrug

Stand holding a pair of dumbbells with your feet shoulder-width apart. Let the dumbbells hang at arm's length next to your sides, your palms facing each other [A]. Without changing the bend in your elbows, raise your arms until they're parallel to the floor, keeping them at a 30-degree angle to your body (so that they form a "Y") [B]. At the top of the movement, shrug your shoulders upward [C]. Pause, then reverse the movement to return to the start, and repeat
Dumbbell Split Jump

A- From a standing position, keep your torso as upright as possible and lower your body into a split squat.
B- Quickly jump, scissor-kicking your legs so that you land with the opposite leg forward.
C- Repeat, alternating back and forth with each repetition.

Split Stance Dumbbell Curl
Grab a pair of dumbbells and place one foot in front of you on a bench or step that's just higher than knee level. Let the dumbbells hang at arm's length next to your sides, your palms facing forward [B]. Without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and curl the dumbbells as close to your shoulders as you can [B]. Pause, then slowly lower the weights back to the starting position. Each set, switch the foot that you place on the bench

Plank Row

Get into pushup position with your hands gripping a pair of dumbbells; your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Keeping your hips parallel to the floor (you'll need to engage your core and glutes the entire time), bend your right elbow to pull the weight up toward the side of your body. Pause, then slowly return the weight to the floor and repeat with the left arm. 

Dumbbell Step-up

A- Grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them at arm's length at your sides. Stand in front of a bench or step, and place your left foot firmly on the step.
*Note: The step should be high enough so that your knee is bent 90 degrees.
B- Press your left heel into the step and push your body up until your left leg is straight and you're standing on one leg on the bench, keeping your right foot elevated. Lower your body back down until your right foot touches the floor. That's one rep.

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