Saturday, February 2, 2013

Journey To My Summer Six Pack Day 5

Diet is 80%.....Abs are for the majority made in the kitchen!!


DAY 5  (I haven't decided how long this journey should take)


Guilty, I keep mine in my room!
Foam Roll with my Rumble Roller!

I started out by trying some dance-ish work out video (that I will leave nameless) that was recommended to me by a friend (that I will also leave nameless(yes, you are very lucky)).  That lasted a whopping 10 minutes before I threw in the towel! I don't know how those videos make so much money! I personally suck at multi-step graceful coordinated movements. I can pick heavy things up and put them down! ( If you got that joke, pat yourself on the back) Moving on I quickly switched to something new not wanting the poor beginning to effect my workout.


I did a Pilates DVD......I love Kristen Mcgee! Here's a clip of her in action!!
If I could have get a personal session in with her I would DIE!  I like to throw in a work out video from time to time! It can be so mindless and relaxing!! Also every instructor or trainer has a different approach so sometimes you can find things you will incorporate in your personal routine. 45 min

THIS IS SO YUMMY...........


                                EGG SALAD WRAP...NO FUN

  • 6:30 am Yogurt coffee 
  • 10:00 am  banana 2 pieces of lunch meat string cheese
  • 2:00 pm egg salad wrap (I always buy 2 dozen eggs and immediately hard boil one package, a hard boiled egg  can be made into a great snack or meal) I diced  up celery 1 tbsp of mustard & Mayo (I usually use pickle juice instead of Mayo but I'm out ) to put in my egg salad.I also add spinach leafs for a little extra ruffage. 
  • 5:00 snacked on popcorn ( its not terrible and it can cure your salt fix)
  • 7:00 orange, cucumber sandwich low-fat mozzarella cheese sliced chicken and a single line of low fat ranch I wish I had red onion or sprouts to add to this! 
  • 11:00 pm ....... 1 soft taco from taco bell :( but only drank water while out!

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