Friday, February 1, 2013

Journey To My Summer Six Pack DAY 4


Day 4:
-Morning Yoga Sequence (love when I can fit this in)15 min
-Workout at home for a hour-
-Equipment used - gliders, versalog, equalizers, strength bands..... I got all this equipment from

Foam Rolled  Full Body with my Rumble Roller <-----WARNING:AMAZING BUT MEAN!!
-Strength Band Rotator Cuff exercises 10 reps 3 Rounds
-Equalizer Tri Push Ups with Straight Leg Raises 10 reps of each exercise 3 Rounds
-Equalizer Static "egg" pull up 10 count hold 3 rounds
-Equalizer Inverted Row
-Versalog complex- deadlift/clean/squat/press Repeat in sequence 6-10 reps  3 rounds
-Gliders Inchworm 15 reps 3 rounds

My Wrap....MMMMMM
7 am:Emergen-c Two eggs 1pc wheat toast (70 Cal for 1 piece)
10 am banana
12 am apple 2pm whole wheat tortilla baby spinach 4 PC of Turkey low fat mozzarella string cheese... no  dressing ( yes, it is plain and blah but guess what? You have probably drank terrible alcohol to get drunk, RIGHT?  So ...... you can suck it up and eat bland food to look and feel Amazing!)
4:00 pm 3 celery sticks
6:00 Spicy chicken soup mmmmm :) about 380
8:30 sugarfree jello cup under 50 calories

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