Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Journey To My Summer Six Pack DAY 11

DAY 11

Day 11

Confession .........I totally had a horrible weekend and ate like SHIT!!!! Absolute garbage ...........I am ashamed of myself! Please issue me my Hail Marys so I can chant away my caloric sins! :) Yup........so I biffed it pretty hard but that won't stop me I am back on track and eating healthy again! I enjoyed eggs and a banana for breakfast...... YUMMY!! I will update workout later!!!


OMG I wish I would have recorded this work out!!!! I did this spiritual yoga which had like this crazy Indian rain dance music playing. Bonus you chanted primitive noises! Like the sound HURGHA ( sound that noise out and that was what i was chanting!) OH BOY.... did I get into it?!?! I was so into it I started laughchanting! ( which is apparently frowned upon and it is not fun when you figure that out the hard way :) oops my bad! lol) Next time I will be more mentally prepared and will try really hard not to make an ass out of myself!

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