Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 10 Do's & Dont's of the Gym!

1-DON'T be on your phone the whole time you're working out! We get it sometimes you get an important phone call but you can make it short! There is no way you can get a good cardio/endurance workout if you are gabbing on the phone. Plus, your annoying the crap out of everyone around you!

2- DO grab some friends and try a new group fitness class! It can be fun and if your screwing up, your friends will be there to laugh with you not at you!( Unless I am your friend then I'm for sure laughing at your uncoordinated booty!)

3&4- DO workout hard! DON'T be so obnoxious with your grunts! I am not going to lie I will grunt from time to time but I am able to for the most part control them! Which means so can you, So grit your teeth and shut your mouth ! No need to be so noisy!!

5-DO wear something that makes you feel good.  That could be coordinating your outfit by wearing matching shoes and a tank top or your favorite sports team t-shirt. Its important to be comfortable in your workout attire because if your not you probably will not spend very much time at the gym.

6- DON'T claim a piece of equipment by leaving your stuff on it and be gone forEVER! So annoying, getting a drink of water is acceptable while chatting up a hottie for 30 minutes is NOT acceptable!

6-DO try yoga! Its a great workout and amazing for your mind!

7-DON'T spend forever flexing and checking yourself out in the mirror! There is a big difference in being proud of your hard work and being obsessed with your reflection!!

8-DO grab your favorite tunes to rock out to while your getting your sweat on!! Its proven that people who listen to music while exercising have longer and more productive workouts!!

9&10 DO Work-up a good sweat!! DON'T Leave a disgusting pool of sweat behind for someone else to gag over while cleaning up your mess!!

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