Monday, August 29, 2011


I hear way too many times "I have no time to workout". That is completely BOGUS!!! So your telling me you have time to watch your trashy reality T.V. shows, go out to eat, see a movie and complain about how much weight you have gained but no time to work out!? I know we have heard that our entire life but you have got to prioritize.

  Here are some awesome ways you can work out from home!
1- Buy Fitness Videos that you can do at home. I know a lot of people are embarrassed to go to the gym because they either don't know how to work the equipment or do not exactly have a game plan, and it is normal to have those feelings. A lot of videos now are done completely with body weight training so you will not need to buy any equipment, just have that amazing  body of yours and a smile ready to work!( OK so you might also need a good pair of kicks and some water!)

2- Now if you can’t find a video that you like check out the Internet. There are videos all over, they might not be complete but hey it’s better then nothing! Here is a website that I personally love . It is a little advanced but you can modify the moves so that any fitness level can do these workouts. Also can be a great place to browse through work outs. Just type in what you’re looking for; like yoga, Pilate's, interval training, body weight training and BAM tons of workouts should pop up!

3- Go outside for a jog, a run or a walk! Now, weather permitting, you should be able to get outside and let your shoes hit the asphalt. When doing this, keep track of time and how far you have ran. That way each day you can try and go further or longer.

 Since you now have some fabulous ideas I want you to make a calendar and Set dates and times for your workouts. Put a reminder on your cell phone or a sticky note on the TV. so you have a visual reminder. Ask a friend to start doing the same from their home so you guys can hold each other accountable. We are all competitive so making a goal with a friend on loosing weight or inches; it is a great way to drive both of you. Who doesn't like to win? Try to wake up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later so you can get your work out done. A good place to start if you’re completely inactive is to work out twice a week. Now run along young grass hopper and get your booty moving!!

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