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Bosu ball training helps balance and coordination. With the dome side up, you can stand, squat, sit or use it just like you would a step for aerobics. Your body is constantly shifting and contracting to stay aligned. This helps burn more calories, and enhances coordination and balance. Turn it over and you can use it as a bench (for strength training), push-ups or just sitting on it to test your balance. (,,20432219_8,00.html
Reverse Lunge Touch Down
Place the ball dome side up. Stand on top of it with feet hip-distance apart and reach your arms up by your ears, palms in and shoulders relaxed (A). Step your left foot back onto the floor behind you, bending your right knee to 90 degrees to come into a low lunge. At the same time, hinge forward at the hips and touch the dome of ball on either side of your right foot (B). Next, push off with your left foot and return to standing on the ball, arms reaching up. Do 12–15 reps, then switch sides and repeat.

Bosu Push-up

Medicine Ball Squat & Press On Bosu

Burpee Jump
Flip the ball back on its flat side and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Place both hands on the dome and jump out into a push-up position. (A) Jump back into a squat and stand up. (B) Jump onto and off the dome with both feet. Repeat 12 to 15 times

Single Leg Kickback on the Bosu Ball
Raise one leg to the rear, return and steady on two legs, then do the same with the other leg. The movement is slow and controlled. This is a balanc exercise in the main. Try to do five with each leg to start. Increase this to 3 sets of 5 with each leg. Rest for a minute off the ball between sets.

Bosu V-Ups with Medicine Ball
Sit in the centre of a Bosu trainer with your legs extended in front of you, knees slightly bent, with a no weight or a one to four-pound medicine ball between your thighs. Lean back, placing your hands on the floor behind the Bosu for balance (a). Contract your abs and slowly raise your legs toward the ceiling (b). Hold for one second, then return to the starting position.

Bosu Core Balance 
Photo of Elle Front Lying Extension on the Bosu Ball
    The farther you go up with your arms and legs, the harder it is and the more you strengthen your back. Make sure you are lifting up through your chest, not just through the arms. Also when lifting through legs squeeze your glutes. Hold the pose for several seconds or as long as you are able.Then slowly release. You may want to try several shorter duration poses and add repetitions.

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