Sunday, April 7, 2013

Journey to my summer sick pack

Core Tip Time

Women can get nice abs that are sleek and toned if they use a balanced and sensible approach. Just performing crunches doesn't work because you can't spot reduce your stomach fat. "Without making changes to your diet and engaging in total-body workouts that promote fat loss, no amount of ab training will miraculously melt away that spare tire," says James Villepigue in his book "The Body Sculpting Bible for Abs: Women's Edition." Focus on workouts for your entire body to burn fat, tone muscle and reveal a trimmer tummy.

Nourish your abs. Starving yourself will not produce nice abs. Nourish them--and the rest of your body--with nutrient-dense foods. Use an online source to determine your caloric requirements and stick with that number on a consistent basis. Balance your nutrients between lean protein, complex carbs and whole grains, and healthy fats. Get at least 25 grams of fiber every day and limit your sodium intake.

Strength train your entire body--arms, legs, upper body and lower body, in addition to your abs--for the best results in your search for nice abs. Increase your total body muscle mass to accelerate your metabolism and burn more fat. This lets your toned, tight ab muscles shine through, rather than being hidden under a layer of fat. Strength train your body at least twice a week.

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